High Blood
Pressure Study

Results at 8 weeks

2 Nutrient meals & a bar daily
returned to normal
Weight Loss:
18 lbs
Had more energy:
Michelle from Indiana
  • It's been a life changing experience, for the better.
  • I have too much energy, I don’t know what to do with it all!
  • Wants to help better myself.
  • I am determined.I am more important!
  • I refuse to give up and I am going to give it 110%.
Tracy from Michigan
  • This is my way of life now. I eat, sleep, and talk about Nutrient!
  • I am on a MISSION!
  • Knew for a fact this study would change my life.
  • Knew this would work for me.

Antoinette from Louisiana
  • How many BP meds I was taking, it was a wake-up call!
  • Tired of swallowing pills and sticking myself.
  • On a MISSION to cut my meds back.
  • Was a junk food junky.
Glenn from Las Vegas
  • I live a healthy lifestyle and I can’t believe I have high BP.
  • I think the cause of it was, I was under a lot of stress and I was eating a lot of fast food and junk.

Additional Results

100% reported

Had more energy

Felt full and eating better
85% reported

Weight loss
70% reported

Lost weight: average of 7.5lbs

Conclusions of our High Blood Pressure Study

  • 100% of participants' blood pressure was reduced
  • 50% of participants' blood pressure had reduced to normal
  • Over 70% either normalize blood pressure or normalize bottom number
  • An average of 18 pounds lost in two months
  • 50% and above of participants felt improvement in energy, general feeling, and diet


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