Live Clinical Results - Sept. 2017 Survey of Customers

Live Better Outcome Data
All Nutrient customers, who receive foods every month, were asked a series of questions about themselves. Responses were: Yes, No, and Not Applicable. All participants were assumed to be healthy and using the foods as intended and described on the label or packaging. Some questions were directed toward common health conditions that healthy people experience occasionally like poor sleep, lack of sexual desire/function due to aging, and low energy (Better Living Section). Other questions were observations by the customers such as changes in nail and hair growth, weight loss, lost inches, and puffiness around the eyes; these structure/function changes do not imply changes in any medical conditions (Beauty & Appearance and Weight). The health questions relate to things that people typically experience but do not have specific diagnoses from a physician. All responses are simply related to feeling better: digestion, improved health, and feeling better mentally; the better medical tests is a self-reported statement of fact. In exchange for their responses, customers were provided some free products valued at $25.
Clinical Study:Nutrient-dense, Portion-controlled Meals and Snacks Promote Weight Loss
Data were obtained from a published clinical study, Nutrient-dense, Portion-controlled Meals and Snacks Promote Weight Loss (Clinical Study). The participants consumed foods similar to what Nutrient is offering. In the study, each meal and snack was nutrient-dense (had 14 vitamins and 14 minerals) and in single serving portions.

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